Corporate Governance

Under the Open Arms Care Inc Constitution the Board of Directors are elected by the members of the Association from amongst their own number. The Board has responsibilities and duties defined under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.

Good governance is essential to maintaining trust between Open Arms Care and our supporters, funding authorities and the clients we serve.

Accordingly, the Board will aim to promote appropriate values and attitudes of service, integrity, financial prudence, consideration of individuals, accountability and personal responsibility.

Broadly the Board and management ensure that Open Arms Care is achieving its objectives effectively and efficiently, that all financial reporting is properly informative and reliable, and that we act in compliance with all laws and regulations. The Board selects and appoints the senior managers who are accountable to the Board for the performance of Open Arms Care Inc.

Under the Association’s Constitution the Board is empowered to establish such sub-Boards (committees) as the Board thinks will assist it to exercise its functions. Currently, there are three Standing Committees as detailed below. The committees are constituted at the first meeting of the Board after the Annual General Meeting of Open Arms Care.