Community Participation

Community Participation is targeted for young people with disabilities aged between 18 and 25 years (most often those graduating from school) who have been assessed by Ageing, Disability & Home Care  as having moderate to high support needs which require an alternative to paid employment or further education in the medium or longer term. Clients can be referred to our service or alternatively our service can assess the client and apply for a Community Participation program on their behalf.

The client is placed in a Community Participation funding band according to the level of support they need which is determined through assessment by Ageing, Disability and Home Care.  The client’s funding band, whether Moderate or Exceptional, determines how many hours the client receives per week.  If the carer and/or service feels that the funding band is insufficient the service can appeal for a higher funding band with relevant supporting documentation.

A meeting involving the client, their carer and/or family and our Day Program Team Leader is held annually to develop a personalised Individual Service Plan (ISP) for each client. The ISP promotes personal empowerment, growth and independence while encouraging regular and active involvement within the local community through organised activities such as hydrotherapy, gym, bowling, cooking and other community access and life skills programs.