Self-Managed Model

A Self-Managed Model (SMM) of Day Program is a series of supported activities delivered in various settings arranged and purchased by the client and family with the assistance of an intermediary service provider who manages financial, legal and administrative requirements.

As this funding is a very recent model through Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) our service can negotiate a transition from Community Participation to the Self-Managed Model. This puts less pressure on the clients and their families who, under the Self-Managed Model, are required to manage their SMM budgets and support workers. According to an Evaluation Report released by ADHC in July 2010 ‘almost all families struggled with this at first, and three had expected more hands-on support from their service provider…Due to the time and skills required to manage the SMM, service users and their families believed that the model was better suited to service users who had the support of their friends and family.’

To choose a Self-Managed Model of Day Program over a Community Participation Program is the choice of the individual and their family.  The most popular reasons for choosing a Self-Managed Model are as follows:

  • the belief that the SMM could better meet the individual needs, abilities and interests of the client;
  • the belief that it could offer a wide choice in the activities undertaken;
  • the flexibility and autonomy it could bring;
  • and the possible lack of other appropriate support alternatives in their local area.

Families and clients who opt for a Self-Managed Model successfully have extensive social networks, effective resources and a sound understanding of this program.