Supported Living Funds

SL FundSupported Living Fund (SLF) is a new type of accommodation support funding for those aged 18 to 64 years with a diagnosed disability who reside  in a home of their own within NSW.  The Supported Living Fund is designed to enable people with a disability along with their family and carers to transition into a separate and independent living situation.  This fund is not particularly for those in crisis but focuses more on supporting a stable home environment for people with disabilities.

The client is integrally involved in how the fund is used to support them to live individually according to their preferences; with an informal support network on hand if needed. Supported Living Funds offer a new way of looking at service delivery based on a mix of unpaid, informal relationships, complemented by paid, formal support that is flexible and tailored to the individual.

This program encourages independent choice by the person with the disability.  It challenges the client to look at what they are interested in, where they want to live, who they want to live with and the supports they require to live the lifestyle they choose within an allocated budget.

This funding is portable, remains with the individual and is administered by a service provider of the client’s choice.