Flexible Respite

Open Arms Care Inc. is an approved provider for the following types of flexible/combination respite:

  • Children’s Respite (12 – 18 years)
  • Respite Care (0 – 65 years)
  • Flexible/Combination Respite Packages (0 – 65 years)
  • Aged Parent Carer Packages (parent/carers aged over 60 years or over 45 years when Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander)

All packages are allocated each Financial Year on a basis of need which is evaluated by the Respite Coordination Group of your region using a prioritisation process.

The objectives of the Flexible/Combination Respite Packages are to provide:

  1. Planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid care givers of people with a disability in order to support and maintain the primary care-giver relationship.
  2. A positive experience for the person with a disability.
  3. Services that reduce the potential for the breakdown of formal and informal supports for a person with a disability.

The Flexible/Combination Respite Package may be used for the following:

  • Regular Support by our Support Staff who are professional and qualified in delivering service – whether in-home, centre-based or within the community
  • Family Holidays including transport, accommodation and some expenses – only to the extent of the package allocated
  • Host Family – if you know of a family willing to volunteer their time and home to provide support for your family please have them contact us to sign up as a host family
  • Supported holidays
  • Peer support
  • Tuition
  • Sporting Fees

The Flexible/Combination Respite Funding can not be used for:

  • Centre-based respite places that are already funded by ADHC;
  • White goods, furniture, equipment and other capital expenditure for the person with a disability and their carer/s or family unless all alternate avenues of funding have been explored;
  • Carer’s personal needs, such as haircuts, massages, facials, gym membership etc.